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Replacing your failing water heater may be your best and most cost-efficient option. There are some factors to keep in mind when the time for water heater replacement comes, in Westminster, but Plunge Plus is here to help you make the right decision for your home and family.

Water heater replacement needs a professionally trained specialist, who is highly qualified to perform the installation, is hired. Our Plunge Plus specialists are available to help you decide which water heater fits the needs of your home and family while making sure it is installed right the first time.

The typical life expectancy of a water heater is contingent on its make, model, and type, yet the expectation is it should last between 11 to 20 years. Often, homeowners are not sure if their water heater is due for a replacement. If this is the case, we recommend contacting us and letting us give it a quick inspection.

Making the Right Water Heater Replacement Choice – Westminster CO

Deciding on a replacement for the water heater in your Westminster home starts with deciding which system best fits your family’s needs. The Plunge Plus water heater experts are available to discuss with you every consideration, including fuel type, tank depth, energy efficiency, and which models are within your budget.

We will review all options available during your no-cost consultation and quote.

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Traditional Water Heaters – Westminster CO

Traditional tank water heaters hold a sizable volume of water, commonly around 50 gallons. These water heaters can deliver a nearly limitless source of hot water because it is continuously heating a large amount of water.  The size of your Westminster home needs is decided by how much hot water you and your family consume and the model of the heater you chose. Each manufacturer is slightly different.

Plunge Plus can calculate the size by helping you understand how much hot water you consume and the flow rate of various fixtures and appliances in your home. We use the same procedure for tankless water heaters. However, calculating an everyday tank water heater can be simpler than a tankless water heater. We need to decide your water needs at the highest point of consumption. Our professionals can assess your needs and offer a couple of possibilities based on mean groundwater temperatures in Westminster.

Then we need to examine the fuel type needed. There are a variety of options, in Westminster, for powering your new water heater. Plunge Plus will offer you information on the best choices for your specific needs.

Find the Right Water Heater for Your Home

We have a comprehensive selection of gas and electric tank water heaters offered in multiple sizes, all with excellent warranties and installation. Call us at (702)434-5832 now to find out more.