Sewer Repair Thornton

Sewer Repair Thornton

Plunge Plus, Thornton, CO’s first choice plumbing expert for repairs or replacement of sewer pipes and drains throughout your home or office. Plunge Plus can repair or replace the main sewer line, linked to the city main, located underneath your yard. Designed for long lifespans sewer pipes sometimes develop clogs or become damaged, either by corrosion or digging mistakes. Sewer pipes require regular maintenance and repair, if the foundation of your home or office moves due to changes in moisture level.  With sewer pipes being attached to the foundation, foundation movement can result in broken water lines and sewer pipes.  We highly recommend checking for foundation pipe leaks regularly to diminish the chances of foundation damage from water displacement. Water from a leaking pipe can directly affect the strength of your foundation and cause substantial movement.

Sewer line repair is most often due to a considerable clog. If you’ve noticed that your drainage system has begun to slow down or perhaps you heard a gurgling sound coming from your toilet bowl, now may be the time to act.

The cause of most sewer Repair is clogs or damages caused by external or internal materials or intrusions. Tree roots are the usual suspect for external intrusions. Tree roots typically break through the sewer pipes in the search of water or moisture, hence, the sewer pipe is an easy obvious target. The most susceptible pipe types are clay tile pipes, but roots can penetrate concrete and PVC pipes. Other causes of pipe buckling and breakage are extreme temperature changes and general deterioration. Ground shift or improper installation will also have the same result if misaligned. Internal materials can find their way into pipes and become stuck resulting in a clogged line.

With the use of a miniature camera, Plunge Plus of Thornton, CO can find specific problem points.  By locating the exact location of the problem, we can avoid costly expenses due to exploratory plumbing and digging.  The structural condition of lateral piping can be observed by our sophisticated video inspection procedure.  We can quickly determine the most effective solution either an auger or high-pressure flush.  Even with this procedure, more extensive repairs may be necessary.  In the past, sewer repair required excavation and destruction of exterior property resulting in serious lawn maintenance upon completion. Now that Trenchless pipe repair has been invented, sewer pipe repair is faster and more landscape-friendly, only a few access points are required. The inclusion of trenchless sewer pipe replacement technology in our service repertoire has saved our customers thousands of dollars and valuable time by circumventing a massive excavation of their property.

Plunge Plus is dedicated to making sure your sewer repair problem is completed in a timely and least intrusive as possible process.  We recommend contacting immediately a problem arises or better yet, contact us before to check your pipes and head off any issues early.

You can contact us at (720) 434-5832 or complete our online form and one of our Thornton team members will contact your right away.