Drain Repair Thornton

Drain Repair Thornton

When an issue develops with your home or business drains, your day will no longer be normal.  The signal or warning something is wrong with your drainage usually comes from your sink, bathtub, toilet, shower or sewer. It can happen anytime and without warning.  If your drain is showing indications of needing repair in your Thornton, CO home, then be sure to contact a knowledgeable plumber. Plunge Plus delivers emergency drain repair and cleaning services to keep your drains moving correctly and efficiently through the plumbing in your home.  We are the specialists in every Thornton home drain repair issue from clogged toilets and showers to blocked garbage disposals, we have the tools and technology to swiftly detect and remove even the toughest drain clogs. If you have drain issues give us a call today to learn more about our services, and to receive a drain repair estimate.

Certainly, every now and then the drain clog is simply hair trapped in the sink drain, which is rather simple to repair.  However, larger and more complex drainage clogs, which are often located further down the drain pipe, require the assistance of a plumbing professional.  We do not recommend attempting to remove these clogs yourself.  Drain clogs, of this magnitude, are best removed with physical tools, as opposed to a chemical drain cleaning product.  Did you know? Some chemical clog removers can be harmful to your pipes.  A licensed and insured Plunge Plus plumber will sometimes use a variety of imaging tools to pinpoint the exact location of the drain clog. This method allows for the removal and repair of the smallest section of pipe as possible.

The most common drains, in Thornton homes, found to need repair are the shower, kitchen, and bathroom drains. Kitchen and bathroom sink drain pipes are usually quite accessible through a underneath cabinet, whereas showers can be more difficult.  Most often, cracked or corroded pipes will require replacement of all or part of the drain assembly. Drain repairs, at times, call for the repair of leaks at the joints between pipes.  Pipe joints can come loose and leak. An experienced drain technician can identify the leak’s location quickly, and determine the right course of action to perform the proper repairs minimizing water damage.

As previously mentioned, there are specific Reasons to Avoid Drain Cleaning Products:

  • Drain cleaners can easily damage your pipes. Acid is found in these cleaners as it has the capability or corroding your pipes.
  • Drain cleaners release toxic gases which shouldn’t be inhaled or dumped down your drain
  • Drain cleaners are poison. Please keep them out of site from your children if you have them.

Plunge Plus recommends inspecting your drains on an annual basis to prevent clogs and other drain damages. Preventative maintenance will save money on future repairs. Please be aware of the things dumped down the drain. Items such as grease and oils should never be dumped down a drain due to their insolubility. Compounded insoluble products will eventually result in a considerable clog.

If you find the need for quality plumbing, call in the pros at Plunge Plus in Thornton, Co. Don’t wait until your clog reaches your septic. Take care of it now. Call today at (720) 434-5832