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Why Westminster Sewer Line Replacement is Better Than Repair

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Surprisingly, the process of sewer line replacement, in Westminster, occurs often.  You might be thinking that it would be easier to have a defective or damaged sewer line repaired, as cheaper, but there are a lot of situations where total replacement may be a better idea.  Let us review a few reasons why a total sewer line replacement may be necessary.


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Hard to Locate Problems

Sometimes finding the source of the sewer line problem is not possible.  Sewer pipes are buried deep underground.  Wet patches may be visible, or a foul odor may be lingering, however nailing down the source can be time-consuming, frustrating, and costly.

The truth, it can cost over $1,000 to simply identify the source of the sewer line problem in your Westminster home. Once identified, it can cost even more than that to repair it correctly.  That is why many homeowners simply opt to avoid those added expenses by having their sewer systems completely replaced.  Meanwhile, there are some instances where minor repairs are enough, and our team here at Plunge Plus can help you with repairs as well.

Certain Problems Cannot Be Fixed

Sometimes the sewer line problem is not repairable, even if it can be located.  For example, if your sewer line is back pitched, it may be better to have it completely replaced.  It can be hard to correct that problem without replacing the whole system.

What is back pitched?  The term “Pitch” describes the downward angle or slope of a sewer line after it is installed in the ground. The slope assists liquid and solid waste to flow properly preventing the contaminants from flowing back toward the home.  The size of the pipe dictates the slope of the sewer line.  If the slope is too steep, solid waste cannot move down the sewer line, which creates a back pitch.  When this occurs, the contents of a back pitched sewer line flow in the opposite direction instead of flowing toward the street.  Hence, the solid and liquid wastes backflow to your home and property.

Sewer Systems Wear Out Over Time

Simple enough, sewer systems do not last forever.  Unfortunately, they do wear out.  When you call Plunge Plus, our trained technicians may suggest a repair or a full replacement, depending on several factors. One of those factors is the age of the system.  Repairs only delay the inevitable, sometimes.  A brand-new sewer system can offer an Westminster homeowner a lot more peace of mind due to longer guarantees.

What About the Cost Difference?

A full sewer line replacement will indeed cost more than a sewer line repair.  The cost must be weighed against the cost over time, i.e., multiple repairs.  Consider the fact that, if one part of your sewer line needs a repair now, another part might need to be repaired soon meaning the costs will add up.  That is why a total replacement of your sewer line system may wind up costing you less.

Why You Should Trust Plunge Plus for Westminster Sewer Line Replacement

At Plunge Plus, we offer only top-quality services and expert advice to Westminster homeowners.  We will never suggest procedures that we do not think you need.  When we receive your call, we will examine the problem first.  Once we determine the issue, we may suggest either a repair or a total replacement.

All questions will be quickly answered.  No matter your decision, our highly trained technicians will take care of your Westminster Area repair or replacement quickly.

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