Water Heater Repair

Plunge Plus believes in hiring fully trained and licensed professionals for our Denver clients.  If you need a repair for your water heater, we are the folks to call.  We guarantee fast and efficient work that is affordable, but most importantly, done correctly.  Water heaters need regular evaluation and maintenance to ensure optimal operation.  During the life of your water heater, it is normal to have operational issues.  That is why we specialize in evaluating and diagnosing your water heater properly, and ordering the necessary parts or maintenance to get you the highest savings.  Before you purchase a new water heater, be sure it isnt an easy fix that you need instead.  Your water heater is made up of more components than you think, and one small piece could be the fix you need to be on the road to hot water again.  Plunge Plus offers all new and existing customers free consultations and estimates, so dont hesitate to contact us and see how we can help.

However, sometimes you may need to purchase a new heater.  We can also offer advice on choosing the right water heater for your Denver home.  There is often talk about a tank vs. tank-less water heater.  Depending on your budget and needs, Plunge Plus will offer the best choice to suit both.  One of the biggest aspects of a lasting water heater is ensuring it is installed properly.  Lucky for you, Plunge Plus specializes in water heater installation as well.   As a general rule, water heaters that are more than ten years old should be considered for replacement.  Signs you may need a new water heater are leaks/water around the heater, rusty water, or rumbling/noises from the water heater.  Dont try to diagnose or repair it yourself, as you could end up causing more problems than its worth.  Heres what you can expect from Plunge Plus:

  • 24 hour plumbing services, 7 days a week
  • Prompt, courteous, and professional service
  • Dedication to honest service and honest pricing
  • Water heater repair in Denver, CO and surrounding areas

Our highly trained and reputable staff of plumbers and technicians promise to offer the best work possible and get you a bang for your buck.  Call Plunge Plus today to schedule your Denver water heater repair or maintenance. (Yes, its that easy.)  We cant wait to work with you!