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Were you rudely greeted to a face full of cold water coming out of your shower head?  Not a very pleasant experience, right?

Whenever we turn on the shower, in our Broomfield home, we take for granted that hot water will emerge, which sometimes does not happen.  We expect a hot shower any time we want it.  Hot water makes our lives easier and is used for washing clothes, washing dishes, taking a shower or a bath, etc. and is provided by the home’s water heater.  When the water heater ceases to operate as designed, even the easiest of chores becomes progressively difficult, consequently, purchasing, installing, and maintaining the right hot water tank, for your Broomfield home is even more important.

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Broomfield, Colorado residents, and business owners understand the importance of having a trusted company to help find the right water heater, install it, and perform regularly scheduled service and maintenance.  Plunge Plus is grateful to be that trusted company for Broomfield and the surrounding area.  Plunge Plus is available 24/7 to handle all Broomfield home problems including water heater service.

Our experienced technicians are highly trained and experienced in all things water heater related, from model types to model and system-specific service requirements.  We understand every Broomfield home or office is different and we are happy to help determine the underlying problem and provide the service necessary.  Our trucks are stocked with an assortment of replacement parts, especially for all makes and models. You can trust Plunge Plus to be on-time, provide exemplary service, be honest, cost-efficient, and extremely dependable.  We passionately believe every Broomfield home and business owner deserves the best in the business type of service and we are determined to provide it every time.

How to Know When Your Water Heater Needs Service – Broomfield, CO

Determining whether a water heater needs service can sometimes be tricky.  To make it easier, we have pulled together a few signs to watch for signaling service is needed on your Broomfield water heater:

  • Absence of Hot Water
  • Putting Out Hot Water but taking an excessive amount of time to heat the water to a good desirable temperature.
  • A Leak originating from the unit
  • The appearance of abnormal sound or noise

Any of the four indicate the water heater, in your Broomfield home, is in severe need of service.  Water heater failures are frequently the result of sediment buildup due to water heater age.  Minerals, such as limescale, calcium, and magnesium, are predisposed to accumulate on the sides of the tank and the burner.  Performance is hindered by the resulting sediment barrier.  Sediment can be prevented with regular inspections and/or proper water filtration.

Occasionally, after inspection, we find that the easiest solution is replacing the water heater.  To learn more about our water heater replacement [click here]

Water Heater Service and Maintenance – Broomfield CO

Plunge Plus offers regular maintenance programs, for Broomfield residents, designed to prevent costly water heater service.  A regular water heater inspection will discover potential problems causing situations at their onset, allowing us to quickly service the system and fix minor issues before they become major problems.  However, if a major problem does occur, Plunge Plus offers 24/7/365 emergency services to Broomfield area residents and businesses. The earlier you call, the faster we will be able to help!

Need assistance? Our live customer care team is standing by ready to help with all your hot water tank service needs! Contact Broomfield’s premier water heater service company, Plunge Plus, today at (702)434-5832.

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