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Sewer line leaks are a huge inconvenience, for Lakewood homeowners, when they occur.  If you are experiencing or need a number to remember, call (702)434-5832 and speak with the experts at Plunge Plus.  We are the fast and effective sewer line repair company that many of your neighbors, in Lakewood, have come to trust and so can you.  Do Not Forget! Save on your next plumbing repair or installation with our latest coupons and sales.

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Lakewood’s Sewer Line Expert Can Help Maintain Your Sewer Line Keeping it in Good Condition

A healthy and safe plumbing system is dependent on the condition of the sewer line.  As your home ages, it is common to require sewer line service to repair or even replace portions of the line.  At Plunge Plus, we carefully evaluate your line and recommend sewer repair or installation services designed to make the system more efficient and reliable for homeowners in Lakewood, CO.

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Signs you Need Sewer Pipe Repair – Lakewood CO

If there were ever a silver lining regarding Lakewood sewer line repair, it is the fact that sewer leaks and problems within the line are easily detected, even by an untrained eye.  However, it is always best to know some of the most common signs and symptoms that will require sewer leak repair:

  • Foul odors coming from the drains or toilet.
  • Debris such as twigs, dirt, and roots backwashing into the sink or toilet.
  • Slow-moving or standing water in your sinks or tub.
  • Overflowing toilets.
  • Toilets that have trouble refilling after getting flushed.

What Causes Sewer Line Problems?

A question we often hear from Lakewood homeowners, “What causes sewer line problems?” Lakewood sewer line repairs service is often caused by one or more of the following issues:

  • Roots – Tree roots close to the sewer line will burst through the line in search of a fresh source of water.
  • Temperature Spikes – A significant temperature change may cause the ground to shift, disconnecting, or disrupting the sewer line.
  • Old, Outdated Pipes – Old pipes are prone to deteriorate. This process speeds up with the use of chemical drain cleaners.

When you know what causes the need for sewer line repair, it is easier to understand why prevention is necessary.

Lakewood Sewer Line Leak Prevention

Do you know how to prevent sewer line leaks?  No?  That is why Plunge Plus is here.  Your sewer line can develop a leak in different ways. Here are important damages to watch out for and some of the ways you can avoid them to preserve the integrity of your sewer line.

  • Plant Root Damage – Your sewer line is buried underground, which allows the possibility of tree roots to surround the pipe in search of water and break in causing leaks. To protect your sewer line from root damage and avoid expensive sewer line repair, create a barrier between the trees/bushes and the line. The barrier can be physical in the form of a metal or wooden wall running along the surface of your mainline, or chemical in the form of potassium hydroxide or copper sulfate.
  • Excavation Damage – Operating heavy machinery over the top of a sewer line could transfer pressure to the pipe below the soil, potentially collapsing the pipe resulting in leaks. To prevent this, consult blueprints and permit documents to locate your sewer line.
  • Sediment Damage – Tap water may appear clear; however, it often contains trace amounts of suspended sediments. These sediments may not be harmful to your health but can cause significant problems with your plumbing system. Sediment builds up over time and results in a burst sewer line.  This can be prevented through the hydro-jet process from a skilled technician.

Employing these simple measures will reduce the potential need for sewer line repair and ultimately save you money.

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If you are looking to have a sewer leak repaired in the Lakewood area, there is no better team to call than Plunge Plus.  Our technicians pride themselves on providing expert craftsmanship and exceptional customer care.  Call today and experience all the benefits of working with one of the most reputable plumbing companies in town.

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Trust us for all your sewer line installation and repair service needs. Our trained, experienced technicians will make sure your sewer line is running smoothly. Call schedule an appointment in Lakewood, Co today.


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