Located to the west of Denver in beautiful Wheat Ridge, CO, Plunge Plus proudly provides boiler services to the Denver area.  As a family owned and operated company, we understand the anxiety and frustration when your boiler stops working properly.  Our 20 plus years of experience with furnaces sets us apart and affords us the knowledge to address any situation. There is not a boiler issue we havent seen.  We are Denvers leading provider of plumbing and drain experts and consequently furnaces too.  We offer a large range of solutions that will suit your needs and requirements. Plunge Plus dedicated to providing honest service at honest prices.

Winters in Denver are ruthless and keeping your home warm is top priority. Your furnace most likely runs every day when the temperature drops.  This increased usage means your furnace may need to be repaired at some point.  Contact the Denver furnace repair experts at Plunge Plus if problems have begun to appear. There are a few common furnace problems that can arise.

Furnace producing insufficient heat ? A common furnace problem that results in the most service calls. This problem can occasionally be caused by something small like a clogged air filter but it could be something more serious such as a bad thermostat or a broken fan motor.

Strange noises ? If you turn on your furnace, do you hear a squealing noise or a rattling sound? Do not ignore these sounds, specifically rattling. While a rattling furnace could be a loose panel, it could also mean that the heat exchanger is cracked which might be leaking carbon monoxide.

Air Filter trouble ? Your furnaces air filter is there to protect it from dirt and dust. Regularly changing the air filter will reduce the number of very serious issues.

Stay on top of your furnace operation with regularly scheduled furnace checkups. Issues can be found early while they are minor.  Without maintenance, theres really no way for you to know whether a problem is brewing until the furnace breaks down. But when you schedule regular maintenance for your furnace, there are several enormous benefits that you could accomplish. The bottom-line is regular maintenance reduces repair costs, increases efficiency, and extends the life of your furnace.

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