Furnaces Lakewood

Furnaces Lakewood

South Southwest of Denver, Lakewood, CO is only 14 minutes away and considered the fifth largest Denver suburb. Plunge Plus humbly offers furnace services to Lakewood and the surrounding area.  Plunge Plus is a family owned and operated plumbing company that understands the feelings associated with furnace malfunctions and/or breakdown.  Our 20 plus years of furnace experience differentiates us from the competition and we can handle any furnace situation. We have seen just about every furnace problem first hand.  We offer a wide range of solutions to tackle any issue and can offer professional advice as needed. Plunge Plus is focused on providing honest service at honest prices.

When winter comes, you know it will at least be one that Lakewood typically endures. Once it begins, you will quickly realize the importance of a correctly working furnace. Lakewood winters are merciless making sustaining warmth throughout your home top priority. Your furnace will most likely run continuously when the temperature falls.  The usage increase will increase wear and tear and the likelihood your furnace will need to be repaired.  Contact the Lakewood furnace repair professionals at Plunge Plus if any problem appears. There are a few common furnace problems that can show up and if you experience any of these call us right away.

  • Furnace producing insufficient heat – This problem can occasionally be caused by a clogged air filter or it could be something more serious such as a bad thermostat or a broken fan motor.
  • Strange noises – If you turn on your furnace, do you hear a squealing noise or a rattling sound? Do not ignore these sounds, specifically rattling. While a rattling furnace could be a loose panel, it could also mean that the heat exchanger is cracked which might be leaking carbon monoxide.
  • Air Filter trouble – Your furnace’s air filter is there to protect it from dirt and dust. Regularly changing the air filter will reduce the number of very serious issues.

Staying abreast of furnace operation will cut overall costs in the long run.  This can be achieved with regularly scheduled furnace checkups.  A checkup can locate or identify Issues early while they are minor and much cheaper to repair.  When left unattended with no regular maintenance, there is no way for you to know whether a problem is brewing until the furnace breaks down. But when you schedule regular maintenance for your furnace, there are several immense benefits that you could accomplish. The bottom-line is regular maintenance reduces repair costs, increases efficiency, and extends the life of your furnace.

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