Emergency Boiler Repair Aurora

Emergency Boiler Repair Aurora

The critical nature of boilers to your business or commercial building cannot be understated and downtime is not an option. Plunge Plus is the trusted 24/7 emergency boiler service provider to companies across Aurora and the surrounding area. Our ability is unsurpassed to swiftly deploy technicians to skillfully diagnose and repair your boiler.

Our team of experienced boiler technicians, code-certified welders, and licensed boiler operators are ready to handle any boiler-related emergency that arises.  Working under pressure is not an issue for our team.  Our training and experience has prepared us to handle every situation.

Our team is always available for any Aurora, Colorado boiler emergency, 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week and all holidays. Emergencies happen and Plunge Plus is always ready to minimize your downtime and get things back to normal operation.

Emergency Boiler Repair

Dealing with boiler issues can be stressful, especially when it’s an emergency. If your home is losing heat, you want it taken care of right away. That’s when you call Plunge Plus. We offer emergency boiler repairs in Aurora to make sure your home stays warm all winter long.

Boiler Symptoms that Show You Need Emergency Boiler Repair

Here are several symptoms that your boiler needs emergency repair.

Water leaking around boiler:  Water leaks are a sure sign your boiler system is under stress. Water leaks or water pooling near the base of your boiler means call Plunge Plus right away. Don’t procrastinate because large water leaks can cause major damage.

Strange or weird noises emanating from boiler:  Unfamiliar boiler noises different from the typical sounds typically means the boiler is broken or malfunctioning. Loud noises or hissing sounds commonly indicate mineral build up or pressure problems.

Unfamiliar odor:  An unfamiliar smell or metallic odor can be a sign of a gas or oil leak. If you smell something unusual then act quickly because this situation is incredibly dangerous as carbon monoxide could be leaking into your home or business.  Emergency action is needed ASAP!

Turning off: If your boiler simply won’t stay on and your home is losing heat, then something is malfunctioning. It’s normal for a boiler to go on and off, but it’s not normal if your boiler keeps turning off soon after turning on.


When you notice any of these signs, call Plunge Plus for emergency boiler repair. It’s better to address the situation as soon as possible rather than letting it get any worse. We’ll come by your Aurora home or business and get your boiler up and running in no time.

For the emergency boiler repairs, in Aurora, call Plunge Plus now at (720) 434-5832