Boilers Lakewood

Boilers Lakewood

Welcome to Plunge Plus where plumbing and customer service are our foundation and goal. We provide residential and commercial services to Lakewood, CO and neighboring area. Whether your plumbing project is small or large, our specialists can expertly and courteously handle your problem. With years of experience in the plumbing and HVAC industry, we are unmatched, and our commitment requires our technicians to abreast of all the latest technology and attend regular training. It is our driving principal to finish every project or job on time and with matchless quality.

Plunge Plus is available 24 hours, 7 days a week for emergency services, in Lakewood. Our plumbers are available to tackle any emergency that arises. We understand that emergencies are not on a 9-5 schedule, thus we are not either! No matter your boiler repairs requirements, our Lakewood specialists will make sure you’re up and running in the shortest time possible.

Lakewood Boiler Repair and Service

Your heating option is either a boiler or furnace, our trained boiler technicians, in Lakewood, can repair and maintain it for you. We can service and maintain all type of boiler systems including fire tube boilers, water tube boilers, and electric boilers. The complexity of a boiler system is not for a DIY repair but for a professional due to the delivery of hot water or steam heat throughout the home or office. Boilers are known for dependability and long life span; however, breakdown or malfunction is inevitable.  A boiler malfunctions or breakdown in the dead of winter in Colorado, that is a bad condition and you need repairs ASAP. Remember that not just any heating technician is certified to perform boiler repairs and that’s why more Lakewood home and business owners entrust Plunge Plus for all their boiler repairs and service. A Plunge Plus experienced boiler specialist can do the following:

  • Full Boiler Inspection: We will give your boiler a complete and thorough inspection of all parts
  • Provide a fireside inspection and inspect your blowdown control system
  • Inspect your boiler’s feed water
  • Run efficiency checks
  • Adjust boiler controls to regulate air and water temperatures
  • Heat Exchanger: This is the part of the boiler that needs to operate correctly always
  • Check for Deterioration

Lakewood Boiler Installation

Periodically, a new boiler is required due to repair not making since because of the age of the boiler or other factors.  A new boiler offers the exceptional opportunity for an upgrade to the latest most advanced boiler system with increased safety and environmental advantages. A new boiler reduces risk of carbon monoxide exposure, while providing a cleaner exterior environment, due to decreasing fuel usage and production of toxic by-products.  Typically, older boilers run at just 50% efficiency, and the average boiler in Lakewood runs at just 60%.  A new installed boiler by our Lakewood boiler technicians can offer an 85% efficiency rating, which may pay for the price of a new boiler within 2 years, based on cash fuel savings.

At Plunge Plus, we know the best service we can offer, for a Lakewood homeowner considering a boiler installation, is helping correctly evaluating the heating requirements of the home and other issues such as air quality. We want to ensure our customers that the new boiler is right for their house.

Boilers can be very dangerous is you are not properly trained, don’t trust your boiler and your safety to just anyone. For the most dependable boiler installations and repairs, in Lakewood, call Plunge Plus today at (720) 434-5832